We’re number one in the summer sun! From April through October our ice cream trucks roam the streets of 25 Rhode Island cities and towns running daily routes offering our ice cream treats and our famous frozen lemonade. We have been doing street vending since 1896. Going into our 125th season in 2021! Besides from doing our daily routes we also take special requests for our trucks to visit events such as school field days or welcome back, corporate employee appreciation, family gatherings, and other events that draw a crowd and someone decides that an ice cream treat from one of our trucks would be the cherry on top that would complete the event. We often hear the the ice cream truck was “the highlight of the day!”


Delivering thousands of smiles a day and leaving a trail of happy memories behind us. Look for us in your neighborhood or request a truck visit to your next event (school event, family gathering, corporate).


A fixed location to go get your ice cream/frozen lemonade fix for the day! We offer everything that can be found in the trucks plus a whole lot more. Also offering sundaes, banana splits, shakes and other concoctions.


Family events (birthdays, graduations, reunions, cookouts, weddings), corporate events (employee appreciation, milestones, reaching sales goals) school events, name it!