Our trucks are on the road daily running routes throughout Rhode Island cities and towns. We also accommodate requests for our trucks to attend special events to serve our ice cream treats to event guests. These events may include family gatherings such as birthday parties, family reunions, graduations, weddings etc. We also get requests for school events (beginning of school year welcome back, field day, end of year treats, PTO Fundraisers). Another popular request is a corporate request from a company who would like to treat employees to show their appreciation (daily visits for employee breaks, once a week visits to build morale or that once a year company picnic). Sometimes requests that we could not even imagine but always with the intentions to add a special and exciting touch to any event where our participation often becomes “the highlight of the day!”

There is no fee for having a truck come to your event, we do however require a minimum ice cream purchase. This minimum varies depending on a few factors, one of them being how far we must travel to get to event, also what else is happening the day of event and what we must leave behind in order to accommodate. If an event requires for us to be tied up for an extended period of time we will charge an hourly fee for stand-by time plus the cost of ice cream consumed. This hourly fee may be waived by reaching a certain minimum ice cream consumption